B And Smile ® CONCEPT

b and smile

B And Smile ® is a unique orthodontic concept dedicated to excellence and mastery of innovative orthodontic procedures, equipment and techniques for quality and effectiveness before, during and after your treatment, according to The rules and the clinical charter of the members of the International Society of Orthodontic Aesthetic and Functional Smile (ISFESO.com)

B And Smile ® develops proprietary and secure digital orthodontic diagnostics software, medical practice management, management, appointment, monitoring and messaging software.

B And Smile® designs and manufactures professional equipment dedicated to orthodontists, B And Smile® clinics and patients, to fully support the radiance of your smile, in the clinic and throughout your day, of your life.

The B And Smile® Laboratory exclusively manufactures the Controlled Growth Regulator®: the RCC®, specially dedicated to optimizing the growth of teeth and face of your children from 3 to 9 years.

The B and Smile Clinic is a unique place where you will find all B and Smile concepts in the exercise of the perfection of your smile.

The B And Smile ® Academy trains and teaches the human resources of the clinics to respect the science and procedures in orthodontics, to guarantee you results true to our commitments.

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