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What is a beautiful smile?

"Beauty is not only a smile but also a whole person, it is a mix between subjective and objective criteria.
A coordination of three distinct elements : aesthetics, charm and fashion." - Dr Patrice Bergeyron
The Orthodontics of the Smile, Presses du Châtelet.

In our B and Smile clinic, our commitment is to correct all the flaws of your smile without loosing what makes you special.

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About Orthodontics!

Orthodontics is the dental specialty that naturally moves teeth at all ages and the children’s jaws through dental equipment.
This specialty created in the 70s-80s has become unavoidable in many areas.
Orthodontics aims at the aesthetics of the smile and good chewing. It is also often the basis of any dental treatment of functional or aesthetic rehabilitation and correction of many diseases such as cavities, periodontics, joint pain sleep apnea, headache, migraines and some scoliosis.
This specialty is well known among teenagers who wore braces but it has evolved thanks to invisible devices made of transparent plastic by very precise computer programs and calculations and the B And Smile clinics have become experts since 2001 regardless of the age or the desired correction.

Align your teeth at a clinic B and smile® Invisalign ®

Invisalign awards each certified orthodontist who practices the technology a status that depends on the number of Invisalign-treated patients (Bronze, Gold, Elite, Platinum and Diamond). Diamond + is reached when your Orthodontist treats at least 200 patients per year in Invisalign.
This means that the B And Smile ® Clinic gives you unprecedented quality experience with any type of Invisalign treatment.

  • Unic & effective
  • Aesthetic & sanitary
  • Without appointments constraints
  • Pain and trauma free

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Orthodontics is the dental specialty that naturally moves teeth at all ages and children jaws with dental equipment.

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